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Pottery Studio

This has been a small project just completed, to build a 3 x 3 metre shed to be used as a pottery studio. All windows have been recycled from an earlier project where double glazing was installed, and door was picked up from the tip shop. The studio has been fully insulated in the floor, walls and ceiling, cladded with zinc alume sheets and lined inside with cement sheets in the ceiling and 7mm structural ply on the walls. Floor is yellow tongue particle board which has been given 2 coats of varnish. On this project I worked with the owner in order to save time and reduce the cost.

Corner posts, bearers, floor joists and cement sheets in place:


Floor packed with insulation, ready to install the yellow tongue boards:


Floor completed, as is the roof structure:


Frames where made to fit recycled windows and doors.


Outside wrapped, ready for cladding:


Zinc Alume cladding installed:


Outside completed:


Inside cladded with structural plywood on walls and cement sheet in the ceilling.


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