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​Strawbale House

This 220m2 house containing 3 bedrooms, one office, two bathrooms, an open area kitchen, living and dining room (including a good sized pantry), dedicated movie room, laundry and entry way. 

The house uses the following building techniques:

- waffle pod slab

- 100x100x6mm square steel posts with perimeter hardwood beams.

- Seasons hardwood and laminated hardwood rafters. Green hardwood battens.

- Colorbond roof, gutters and flashings. Hardwood facia bords. Cement board eves lining.

- Rendered strawbale walls, painted white on the inside. Internal walls with plasterboard, apart from the movie room that uses strawbale walls.

- Bamboo flooring, concrete kitchen bench, solar hot water, solar PV panels.






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