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House extension at Allan's Rivulet

On this project we were contracted by Valley Workshop to assist in work for a 90m2 extension to a house at Allan's Rivulet. Valley Workshop has introduced new building techniques to Tasmania, where the house is designed by architect Warren Frence and is then constructed in their workshop before being transported in segements to the construction site. This is not your standard pre-fab house, but an architectually designed custom made house that gets delivered in premanufactured parts and assembled on site. 

This technique provides the opportunity for building floors, walls and roof segements inside a workshop, therefore reducing the risk of bad weather delays during the construction process. Whilst these segments are constructed in the workshop, a team prepares the foundations so that they are ready for delivery. Once delivered, the segments are put together and finishing touches can be made, such as creating decks, installing trims, etc.

For the Allan's Rivulet project, our involvements included pooring the concrete footings and installing treated pine posts and specially designed brackets for the floor segements to be installed. Once the floors, walls and roofs were installed (whilst we were on an overseas holiday), we were then involved in the construction of decks and walkways. This project was built to lock up only with the owners then taking over as owner builders to finalise the project.

Footings installed with plates on top:


Hardwood deck installation in progress:

Allans2.jpgCurved gutter installed on a wet and icy day:


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