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Renovation project - Cremorne

‚ÄčThe main part of this project upgraded an existing shed, converting it into new rooms to allow for a home office, an artist studio, and facilities to meet with clients. It included

- ripping out existing ceiling in a shed, insulating and installing zinkalum sheets as new lining. Construction of a 6 meter internal wall to create a studio in the shed, separated from two rooms at the back with a hallway.

- gutting the existing two rooms at the back, changing two existing windows and installing one new recycled window. Changing the ceiling layout from flat ceiling to an angled ceiling. Installing sisolation and insulation in all the walls and sound insulation between the two rooms. Lining the walls using 9mm hardwood plywood which was then varnished with two coats of water based varnish. Installing zinkalum sheets for the ceiling. Installing insulation in hallway wall and lining this with hardwood plywood and creating a storage room at the end of the hallway.

Other work for the same owners have included

- closing off existing doorway to turn an existing hallway into a home office

- repair of a badly damaged timber window frame

Some project pictures:

Following removal of existing internal wall cladding


Following installation of sisolation, insulation, hardwood lining and corrugated iron ceilings:


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