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Renovation project - Howrah

For this project, we have been working with the owners to complete a number of changes in order to modernise this 1965 house.

First project was to take out a big fireplace and chimney that divided the dining and living room in two. This created a bigger living room and provided more extensive views to the River Derwent.

The second part of the project was to install underfloor insulation under the timber floors as part of an effort to make the house warmer.

Following on from the insulation, all the windows where changed to double glazing. This was done by utilising the existing frames and replacing fixed panes with new double glazed units. These were purchased form Southern Glass at Rokeby and comes with argon gas in the cavity.

Where there were existing awning windows, new units have been built by Joinery Now at Rokeby and installed by Pipshy Building Services.

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