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The name Pipshy is taken from our little farm situated around 25km south east of Hobart, Tasmania. It is situated between Pipe Clay Lagoon (saltwater) and Rushy Lagoon (freshwater, if not dry). The name is derived from the first 3 letters of Pipe Clay and the last 3 letters of Rushy.

The owners of the farm and businesses situated here are Jodie Presnell and Geir Rodven. Following a number of years working overseas we relocated to this wonderful part of the world and started building up our little hobby farm. From an empty paddock, there are now 4 buildings on the property - three of which are built with strawbales, around 2500 trees have been planted and are growing well, chooks and ducks are producing eggs for the family and the local community, and 5 dexter cows are helping us keeping the grass down.

For Geir the buliding work on the farm, together with formal education in Building and Construction, has given rise to one of our business activities. Geir also has extensive experience in Information Technology and provides consulting services to small businesses, not for profit organisations and individuals.

Jodie has worked extensively within agriculture, both in Australia and overseas, and is an accredited teacher specialising in high school science and maths. She also looks after the rental cabin that we have on our property.